Musang Durians Frozen Food (M) SdnBhd has durian farms, all of which are located in Monthong (Raub) in Pahang, Malaysia. Our factory is situated in Raub Avenue within an area measuring 300 acres. In this area only, there is our durian orchard park, which consists of eight different farms dedicated to 8 different varieties of durians.

You can get the best durians from us, which our cultivated by our expert professionals in our durian orchard park. And, we do not say that our durians are the best just because they are cultivated by us. We have a reason behind it and we will tell you what it is. It is because our durians our cultivated in Raub, Pahang, which is the best place to produce durians.

Raub, Pahang has the perfect soil and weather to cultivate durians, which in turns results in the best durians all over Malaysia. In short, our durian orchard park is where high quality durians are produced. Our all eight farms employ pesticide-free and healthy farming methods, which mean that all our durians are 100% organic and natural.


We do not use any artificial flavorings or chemicals to increase the shelf life or enhance the taste of our durians. Our durians are naturally sweet in taste. Durian-crazy people and fruit enthusiasts can visit our durian orchard park and see for themselves the different durian varieties that we cultivate, in addition to the organic and pesticide-free farming methods that we employ to produce durians.

Furthermore, we offer different types of durians to customers, which allow them to choose the durian they like the most, including the famous Musang King. Other varieties of durians offered by us include Durian D24, Durian D197, Durian D101, Durian D13, Durian D88, Durian Tek Kah, Durian Kampong, etc. We export our durians to a number of countries across the globe. This means that no matter where you reside, you can order your favorite durian fruit from us.

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