Ice Cream Durian

You can buy ice cream made out of Durian D197 Musang King (mountain cat durian) from us. This is of very high quality, which is nowhere to be found across Malaysia. Our frozen durian is made from Durian D197 variety, which is cultivated in Raub, Pahang. This is the best place to produce durians, as it has the most suitable weather and soil. Therefore, our ice cream D197 is the best among all in the market. You can try it yourself!



Durian D197 is also known by various other names, including Durian Musang King, Durian King, Mountain Cat Durian, Mao Shan Wang, Butter Durian, and Rajah Kunyit. This means that you can order frozen Durian D197 by various other names and we will know which ice cream durian you want.

The Durian D197 Musang King (mountain cat durian) is the most popular durian fruits and high-end varieties. It is the king of kings, with a rich and creamy flavor, lots of layers, tender and delicate texture, and beautiful golden yellow in color.

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