Durian Factory

The factory plant of Musang Durians Frozen Food (M) SdnBhd is located in Monthong (Raub), Pahang, Malaysia on the outskirts of the town. Our factory facility has all the machines and equipment required to store and supply fresh durian throughout the year.

Our main aim is to serve the best quality durians to our customers and this is what we are known for. Since we cultivate our durians in Raub, Pahang, they are the best in Malaysia. This is because Raub has a suitable weather and soil to produce high quality durians.

We focus on providing customers with fresh durians of different types, such as the famous Musang King, Durian D24, Durian D197, Durian D101, Durian D13, Durian D88, Durian Tek Kah, and Durian Kampong. Our factory plant has high quality and reliable supply, storage, packaging design, and printing methods. Plus, it also has a freezer, backup power facilities, and machines.

Through the consultation of professionals, we have designed the most advanced and latest factory facility in the whole of Malaysia. In addition to this, we give attention to many other factors, which allows us to give back to the society. Our latest factory plant helps to cut down the costs and save our time. Some percentage of our profits is distributed to the state and society.

Our factory machines comprise of three different types including:

  • Pulp production process,
  • Fruit paste production, and
  • Popsicles production process

All these three different types of machines help us to extract the pulp, fruit paste, and popsicles of the durian fruit. Our whole durian factory plant is air-conditioned. Plus, we have freezers and refrigerators to store the pulp, paste, and popsicles of the durian fruit, so that they remain fresh and maintain their flavor till their supply, without affecting their natural quality.

Besides this, our durian factory facility is supported by power backup, so that the durian fruit as well as its different by-products do not get spoiled and are kept frozen as usual. Furthermore, we have the GMP license to operate the durian factory plant, which gives us the creditability and authority to produce durians as well as its-by-products.

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