Durian Types

Malaysia-Durian-TypesRaub in Pahang is famous for producing a wide variety of durians. This place produces the best durians in the whole of Malaysia, due to its appropriate soil and weather for durian production. We export different types of durians to wholesalers and agents as per their requests and demands, so that they can buy the best durians from us and enjoy the various delicacies made from this king of fruit.

When talking about the wide variety of durians, we offer all kinds of durians, including Musang King, Durian D24, Durian D101, Durian D13, Durian D88, Durian Tek Kah, Durian Kampong, etc. All our durians are fresh. Additionally, we also sell fresh durian puree, durian powder, packaged durian, and much more. With a promise of high quality, you can be sure that the durian you buy from us has an amazing taste and is totally fresh.


The two main types of durians that we offer to customers are:

durian-D24Durian D24 is one of the top choices for durian lovers till a few years back, until it was replaced by Durian D197. The smell of Durian D24 is considered as the strongest one among all other durians. It has a yellowish, creamy, and dry texture with a thick flesh.

At first, this durian gives you a strong bitter flavor, but afterwards it leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. Most of the people prefer Durian D24, since it is less expensive and has an irresistible bitter-sweet taste with a thick flesh. The price of this durian type is decreasing now, since its demand is also diminishing.

Durian-Musang-KingThe Durian Musang King is known by various other names, including Durian D197, Durian King, Mountain Cat Durian, Mao Shan Wang, Butter Durian, and Rajah Kunyit. This type of durian is in high demand and is the most famous one in the market, both in Malaysia as well as internationally. Although, the fruit is a bit expensive, it has a unique taste and a special fragrance, due to which it is so popular among people.
Thus, you can buy any type of durian fruit from us.

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