Durian Private Tours


For durian lovers all over the world, it is the nice chance for your lifetime to experience a durian tour with groups from people alike who appreciate the beauty and taste of the Durian especially from the Musang King type which is considered as the rare and finest durian ever harvested in the country. This musang king comes direct from Raub, Pahang and for every durian lover, you will feel as if you just one step away from heaven when you see this. Enjoy the wonderful taste from the durian that come direct from the farm.

The farm harvested durian through the technology of frozen and defrost with the usage of the brand new IQF technology. Through this technology the durian will still look and stay fresh even for few days and you can take the chance to enjoy variety of durian here while absorbing the original fragrance and taste that you would not get anywhere else. The durian that used the new technology as revealed above will still taste as if it was freshly pluck from the trees so you can still enjoy the same fresh durian here.

The best thing about this place is that, this was considered as the best venue for everyone from various area in Malaysia that can provide us with excellent musang king durian for those who are continuously craving for the durian. And what makes this place even more special is that you can enjoy the stunning smell and taste of the musang king durian all year around without limited to the durian season only. So even if you are coming there for a tour from early, mid to end of the year you can still enjoy durian all year long.

This place has been touted by every people who dropped by for a visit as a special durian tasting venue because they have all the musang king durian without worrying if this is the season for durian or not yet people who come by manage to get a taste of the durian all year around, where here you can also consume the durian offered right on the spot especially to those who really eager to experience the taste of these durian and as well as some of them are also being arranged for delivery to overseas.