Durian Ice Cream

We offer ice cream made of Durian D24 variety. This type of durian is one of the most preferred durians a few years back. However, with the arrival of Durian D197, its popularity has reduced. Still there are some people who prefer Durian D24 and its various by-products, such as frozen durian, ice cream durian, etc.

The Durian D24 ice cream has a strong smell as compared to other frozen products and ice creams made of other types of durians. This durian type has a yellowish, creamy, and dry texture and has a thick flesh.

Although, at first this durian gives a strong bitter flavor, afterwards it leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. Albeit the frozen ice cream of Durian D24 has a sweet taste.

Since the ice cream durian is made out of Durian D24, it is inexpensive and is preferred by many people in Malaysia as well as abroad. Its irresistible bitter-sweet taste adds to the popularity of Frozen Durian D24.

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