Mochi Durian

We offer the best mochi durian, which is also known as durian cream, to customers. Our mochi durian is available at affordable prices, so that people can buy as much quantity of durian cream as they want from us.

Mochi durian can be used to make a lot of dishes, especially desserts. One of the popular desserts that can be made out of durian cream is durian cream puffs. You can make almost anything using mochi durian, which has the sweet taste of durian fruit.

Our durian cream is made out of 100% pure and natural durians, which are cultivated in Raub, Pahang. This is the place where the best durians are produced, owing to its exceptional weather and soil. Since, we are located in Raub, Pahang, you can be sure that you get the best mochi durian, which is processed in our first-class factory plant.

So, buy durian cream from us today itself!

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