Dried Durian

We offer the best dried durian in the whole of Malaysia as well as the world. You can get dried durian from us at reasonable prices, which are nowhere to be found. We manufacture our dried durian using 100% natural and pure durians that are cultivated organically in our factory plant in Raub, Pahang.


Raub is the place where the best durians are produced, due to its exceptional soil quality and weather. This is why we say that our dried durian is the best, because it is made of durians that are cultivated in Raub, Pahang.


You can either eat dried durian raw or use it as an ingredient in different types of meals, desserts, smoothies, etc. Our dried durian has a sweet taste and a nice aroma. Moreover, it has a long shelf life, which means you can store it for months in your kitchen.

So, order our high-quality dried durian today itself and savor its delicious flavor.